Diode-pumped lasers
  Developed by our company pulsed solid state Nd: YAG lasers diode-pumped connected in the series with a common name Archimed. Application high-quality components and elegant technical solutions allowed to create devices with an optimum price-quality ratio.
  Diode-pumped lasers have a number of advantages over lasers lamp-pumped:
•high efficiency and low enegropotreblenie;
•lack of cooling water;
•conservation passport characteristics with characteristics at 103 million pulses;
•highly stable from pulse to pulse;
Compactness, mobility, climatic and airborne performance.

Laser technology systems
  Enterprise "Falcon LS is engaged design, development and delivery of laser processing systems with the requirements of a particular customer. Our experts kits were developed laser cutting and marking as the basis of tube, and on the basis of diode pumping (iterbievye).
  A new direction in the laser technological complexes was making markers on iterbievyh lasers. These complexes differ low power and high efficiency, more compact. Laser markers on iterbievyh lasers are powered by ordinary household electric (~ 220) and do not require water cooling.
  Modern software allows is not only fast and convenient marking tasks , but and maintains records and statistics labeled products , allows a large degree to automate workflow.

Lamp pump lasers
  Lamp-pumped lasers are the most common and in some sense "traditional" in the laser industry. The first solid-state laser with lamp pumping T. Maiman constructed in 1960.
  Enterprise "Falcon LS produces solid-state quasi-continuous (continuous), garnet (Nd: YAG) lasers with Q-switched solid state pulsed garnet (Nd: YAG) lasers. lamp-pumped lasers are widely used as for research and for technological applications , and also are basic to complex laser marking and cutting.
  Due to the rapid development of laser diode-pumped tube laser has replaced the diode.

Optical parts and systems
  Enterprise "Falcon LS develops, manufactures and distributes a variety of optical components and systems. Highly qualified staff of our company will help you with the problem, development of technical requirements and technical specifications.
   possible piece and small-scale production of optical systems, components and parts.

Laser components
  Global Trends in the development of lasers and laser systems dictate the principles of modularity and standardization. At our company you can buy individual components of lasers, such as:
•power pulsed and continuous lasers;
•Power Management acoustic and elektoopticheskimi zavtorami;
•Cooling systems;
•laser beam scanning system, etc.   If necessary, we made laser components can be modified to embed it on your system.

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