Markstation 20/100 - laser marker set on the basis of fiber-optic fiber laser YLP1/100/20. Intended to apply text and graphic images on a flat surface by laser marking and engraving with high precision and resolution. The complex includes software that allows for: full control regimes marking the conclusion of the specification of the vector and bitmap images (including both), the job script marking, promotion mode beam to engrave a broad line, creating libraries of modes and accumulation of statistical information and much more. Features
•Set automatic mode setting when you turn it into the processing line
•Powered by one household outlet elektorseti.
•Testing and adjustment hardware elektoronnyh nodes.
Treatment zone (fiels) size, 100х100 mm
The depth of focus 5 mm
Speed of the beam moving, adjustable, over 2500 mm/sec
Type of output images: raster and vector.
Markin materials: Steel, ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, leather, some plastics
Laser type: pulsed ytterbium fiber laser YLP1/100/20 with a wavelength of 1,05-1,07
Average power, 20 W
Pulse energy, 0.95 mJ
Cooling: air, independent
Power consumption, 0.8 kW
Laser life, more than 30000 hour
Scan system: "Scanlight 003" based on deflectors 6240 by Cambridge Technology
Power requirements:
AC voltage 90-220 (B)
Frequency 50-60 Hz
* Parameters specifications are valid at room temperature 22±3°C.
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Markstation 20/100
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Markstation 20/100
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