Laser marking complex MARKER 1/20Z based on fiber-optic ytterbium laser YLP1/100/20. Intended to apply text and graphic images on a flat and curved surfaces of products (cylinder, sphere, etc.) the method of laser marking and engraving with high accuracy and resolution without the use of rotators and other positioning devices.
The basic possibilities of the software "Skanvizor"
Х Testing and adjustment of the hardware of system of external devices.
Х the Task of technological parameters of an engraving.
Х the Task of an automatic operating mode of installation at its inclusion in structure of a technological line.
Х Modes of a repeated conclusion of the information, "a package" mode of execution of various programs with the graphic binder, a mode of execution of subroutines.
Х the Planimetric (vector) and raster mode of an engraving.
Х the Mode of "promotion" of a beam of the laser for an engraving of images a wide line.
Х Import of the graphic information from various editors.
Х the Task of a mode of automatic change of numbers in party of engraved products.
Х Correction of distortions of the image on curvilinear surfaces up to reception of the identical image.
Х Creation of library of technological modes.

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