PULSED DIODE PUMPED LASERSArchimed45 is a pulsed solid state ND:YAG diode-pumped laser.
Archimed45 is a solid state ND:YAG pulsed laser diode-pumped and has the lowest output power in a series Arhimed.
• Minimum boundary dimension
• Air cooling for power supply and laser head
• Handy and informative control panel
• Interfaceы: USB, Ethernet
Spectroscopic and distance measuring complexes, different scientific and industrial systems.
Wavelength (nm)1064532355266
Pulse repetition rate (Hz)1-20
Pulse energy (mJ)452588
Beam divergence (mrad)2.0
Shot-to-shot instability (%)
Power drift (%/hour)
Pulse duration (ns)9-118-1011-1211-12
Time jitter rms (ns)≤1
Beam diаmeter (mm)≤3.0
Beam ProfileMM**
Power requirements:
Voltage (VAC) 90-220
Current (А)<5
Frequency (Hz)50-60
Air cooling for power supply and laser head.
*Specifications are based on room temperature:22±3°С
**Multimode regime.
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Beam profile in the near zone.
Beam profile in the far zone.
Laser head
Power supply
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