Laser marking system "Solar BP" based on quasi-continuous Nd:YAG laser LQ211 with flash lamp pumping.

Laser marking system "1/20Z" based on ytterbium laser YLP1/100/20

Laser marking and cutting complex based on quasi-continuous laser LQ210 and pulse Nd:YAG laser LP210
Laser technology systems
Maximum power consumption (kW) Output power (W) Cooling method Документация
Solar BP 5 8-70 Water to water
(Сonnection to the water system is necessary)
1/20Z 0,8 10-50 Air
TITAN-001 5 (marking mode)
9 (cut mode)
20-70 (marking mode)
30-140 (cut mode)
Вода-вода (необходимо подключение к системе водоснабжения)
Markstation 20/100 0.8 20 Air
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