Designed by Falcon LS lasers provide high reliability, long-term stability of output parameters, convenient controls, sound and user-friendly system of maintenance and replacement of consumables. < br/> Warranty and after-sales service.
LQ series - Solid-state quasi-continuous Nd:YAG lasers with Q-switched.
LP Series - Solid-state pulsed garnet (Nd: YAG) lasers. Lasers lamp LP and LQ series are used for both scientific as well as for technological applications, as well as are the base for complex laser marking and cutting.
Lamp-pumped lasers LQ and LP series provide:
• high stability of output parameters;
• high reliability;
• possibility of replacing the lamps without any further adjustment;
• control of all parameters and control of the laser, both the computer and on government power and cooling rack.
LQ Series
Wavelength (nm) / Pmax (4кГц)* (W)Repetition rate (Hz)Документация
LQ210 1064/70 1-50
LQ211 532/8 ¦ 1064/70 1-10 ¦ 1-50
LQ201 532/16 1-10
* Fundamental frequency and second harmonic. Pmax (4 kHz) - the maximum output power at a pulse repetition rate is 4 kHz.
LP Series
Wavelength (nm) /
Pulse enrgy (mJ)
Repetition rate (Hz)Документация
LP210 1064/9 1-100
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