A series of lasers combined name of "ARCHIMED" is the result of scientific research professionals of our company in the field of pulsed solid-state Nd: YAG diode-pumped lasers.

Application of high-quality diode arrays for pumping the active element of the laser has allowed to design products with high consumer properties, such as compactness, the possibility of climatic performance, mobility, lack of cooling water, low power consumption.

The pumping of the active element laser diode arrays, using high-quality controls all the processes of pumping laser electronics ensure high long-term stability of laser output parameters and the high stability of laser output parameters from pulse to pulse. Diode arrays are used in lasers, which provide preservation passport characteristics, with 109 pulses, after which the power lines fall and need to increase the pump current lines to get past the radiation characteristics.

Archimed series
Wavelength (nm) / Pulse energy (mJ)Repetition rate (Hz)Документация
Archimed45 1064/45 ¦ 532/25 ¦ 355/8 ¦ 266/8 1-20
Archimed45/10 OPO 1064/45 ¦ 1571/10 1-20
Archimed100 CST 1064/100 ¦ 532/50 ¦ 355/15 1-30
Archimed150 1064/15 ¦ 532/90 ¦ 355/25 1-25
*Fundamental frequency and second harmonic.
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